Wednesday, August 20, 2014


The vintage values of Jane Austen are celebrated in the movie "Jane Austen Book Club". The movie is rich in atmosphere and plot as it captures a diverse circle of people with various interests.  A male cyclist, a dog trainer, a teacher, a college student, a bereft divorcee, and a writer. It is worthy of viewing with friends who wish to gather round to discuss various literary greats.  Jane Austen was compelled to share her imaginings with the world with an anonymous pen. She had the luxury of time to stream the many delights of perhaps, a 17 year old who imagines various suitors. Jane catalogs scenes that are filled with interesting characters. Each of her six novels end without poor outcomes. Her brother was
a soldier, but war never entered any of Jane's timeless, robust tales. Austen lived within a poor country setting and she was free to create circumstances without the influence of worldly distractions. Her inspirations came from beyond the grave, they were entirely innocent, and refreshing.  Jane fancied thoughts that created a world that thrived inside a mind that was deaf to the unwanted voice of progress or economic decline. She was a daughter of a clergyman, devoted to her faith, and in the pleasures that such a joy completed. Simplicity was her style and time was her extravagance. She wrote to poke us in a direction of the gaiety that life's bounty affords us.  Like many fans enjoy the annual Austen Fest in
Bath, England ~ this movie gives all fans, women, men and/or couples the challenge to rejoice in their own impressions, differences and opinions.  Jane's style of pen eloquently emotes the high and lows of life, relationships, and love, all with an encouraging hope. Austen offers us a retreat from any grim reality or poorly spoken word. Each Austen novel centers on characters that struggle, surrender and perform badly and well within a life limited by society and propriety. They dance, they laugh, cry and gain our current attention as we relate to their situations and important life altering choices.   Enjoy the movie and some interesting insights into Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion.

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