Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hidden Christmas

Timothy Keller says many things about Christmas and the Gospel in his book. The Truth about Christmas as revealed in this book:
• Accept true gift, admit you’re a sinner. Be saved by grace.
• It is not simply about a birth but about a becoming.
• It shows us that Christianity is not good advice. It is good news.
• It means that God is working out His purposes. Promises fulfilled.
• It tells reveals the truth. God is in control of history.
• It means that for those who believe in Christ, hope is in Him.
• It is the incarnation of God as the human boy/man Jesus.
• The Son of God enjoyed being in his Father's house.
• The King has come into the world. Jesus comes as King twice. 
• Race, pedigree, education, wealth, do not ultimately matter.
• It means reconciliation and peace with God by grace happen daily.
• It is the increase of peace, both with God and between people.
• If you live like Jesus, there won’t be room for you in a lot of inns.
• Christmas means that salvation is by grace.
• Christmas means you can have fellowship with God.
• God continues to wait for you to know Him personally. 
• The incarnation, Christmas, means that God is not content to be a concept or just someone you know from a distance. The joy that Christmas brings, is the assurance that God’s love and care will always reinvigorate you no matter the circumstances of your life.

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