Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Laugh Together

Do you remember a time when you laughed so hard you cried?  Now imagine being able to do that again, on purpose, regularly!  Laugh Together is a practice involving prolonged willful laughing on demand.  WHY? Research indicates that laughter on demand lowers blood pressure and increases dopamine. On demand giggling has the same body and brain benefits as spontaneous outbursts of uninhibited laughter. Consider laughing on demand, and get caught up in uncontrollable, authentic guffawing which helps to build bonds as you laugh more at home, on the bus or with us. WARNING: authentic laughter is contagious and it has no easy cure!   Laugh Together will be conducted as a small group. Volunteers will gather for the purpose of elevating their moods, sharing in some hilarity (without restrictions on being silly) to enjoy the cardiovascular benefits of laughter.   People can make us laugh without a word. Make a face at a baby and they crack up! Being free to be ridiculous does boost joy while it takes CONFIDENCE to be laughed at! Go ahead, be the straight man, have fun and create your own comedy without saying a word!  Can't tell a joke?  No problem!
A study completed by Oxford University found that pain thresholds become "significantly higher" after laughter.  So if you are suffering from physical or emotional pain, come join us and laugh it off!  The Laugh Together (LT) group will boldly agree to gather at LCS once a week beginning in April of 2017.  The LT group leader will require eye contact and playfulness between participants. The brain does not know that a person is faking the initial giggle, and soon the forced laughter will turn into real infectious laughter. Just for smiles, google Laughter Yoga.  The theory is the same, and a small group named Laugh Together hopes to improve the level of joy one can find in 2017 as we come together to make eye contact, breathe deeply, make goofy faces, and perhaps contort our bodies as if we were "Kramer" who made us laugh without saying a word on the Seinfeld Show. Our hope is that you can once again laugh until you weep! Read the book "Laugh for No Reason" by Madan Kataria, an Indian Physician. The idea for a Laugh Together group at LCS was inspired by a TED talk held on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. A YouTube presentation of "Why we Laugh" by Sophie Scott was shown. Sophie is the Deputy Director of University College of London's Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. She is also very fun and a pioneer in the study into the science of laughter.   We all need more LAUGHTER for no reason.  Let the laughter begin with me as I laugh at my own bloopers! It definitely tis the season, to be jollyfied! 

Friday, March 17, 2017

NO arguments in 2017

The man with all the answers could have argued, but He was smart and He just let the woman have her opinions without correcting her. The wise Man wasn't interested in winning the argument of ownership of the well, nor did He respond to why people with a different ethnic background or political view insist that they were correct. He also remained calm after shocking her by simply asking her for a drink. You see, He was more interested in winning her soul than having her agree with His beliefs. His way was to 'be' understanding of varying cultures.  He was consistently courteous to those who held opposing beliefs. For me, there is an important lesson in the story of Jesus meeting the woman with a questionable character at the well. Therefore, I choose to refuse to argue with people who hold different political or spiritual beliefs. Wisely I will hold my tongue, smile, listen and offer "I can understand how you feel, I once felt that way too, but you know what I found?"  IF they ask "What?" Then I will respond with "I found that my ways, and my judgments did not honor God, and so today, I choose to love everyone, even if their ways are not what I believe they should be."