Sunday, April 30, 2017


Who never departs from us, Who never ceases to surprise us, Who is everywhere we are, Who gives us courage, Who is always available 24/7, Who is always for us never against us, Who consistently issues us mercy and grace, Who is extravagantly patient with us, Who intercedes in prayer for us, Who squeezes are broken hearts with tenderness, Who is trustworthy no matter who else may deceive us, Who is absolutely reliable to give us wisdom and guidance, Who knows all our secrets and loves us unconditionally, Who replenishes our strength, Who is our constant supplier of all good things, Who knows our needs before we ask, Who fills our emptiness with everlasting love, Who teaches with authority Who God is, Who is pure, praiseworthy and exceptionally excellent in all ways, all the time, Who can you be certain is listening always, Who forgives and forgets completely all our offenses, Who is the Person who knows you more intimately than any human being?????????? He was delivered into you supernaturally when you believed that Jesus is Lord, the King of kings. 
After you surrendered your heart and life to Jesus Christ, this One holy and divine being immediately took up residence in you. He resides and abides in you!  Our most holy and loving Father, our all knowing Jesus masterfully made it possible by delivering the promised Holy Spirit into us.  We have invited Him in to counsel, to guide and to change us.  He enables us to personally embrace the real Truth of Who Jesus Christ is.  The Holy Spirit is NOT a dissipating puff of smoke or a passing feeling...but He is our omnipresent Counselor Who enables us to experience God Himself, Who is always at work "in" us and for us!  A blessing prayer for YOU! I bless your spirit to rise above circumstances and allow the transformation that only Jesus can bring.  Our greatest weapon against the Liar is the Almighty Word of God.  I bless you with a confident and playful life that engages your family and others.  I bless your spirit with a hunger for God's living Word and a supernatural relationship with the Holy Spirit.  I bless your spirit with the freedom to believe and trust God over all the restrictions and beliefs circulating in this world.  I bless your spirit to fly high above what is seen,  with illumined eyes that perceive the unseen and majestic holy presence of God in all situations.  I bless you in the the transforming power of Jesus Chist, the King of kings, in Whom there is absolute liberty from fear and JOY unspeakable.  AMEN


  1. PRAY is praising God, it is listening to His voice, it is asking Him to intervene for you when you do not have the words. Is is asking for help for yourself and others. Before choosing His disciples, Jesus spent all night in prayer to God. As they followed Him, they discovered His private habit was to rise early and pray before the sun rose (Mark 1: 35). Even as His popularity was exploding, He would “often slip away to the wilderness and pray” (Luke 5: 15– 16). His first fully recorded sermon in the Scriptures explains the fundamentals of how to pray (Matt. 5– 7). He taught and challenged His followers to “watch and pray” (Mark 14: 38 nkjv) and to pray instead of giving up (Luke 18: 1). He angrily threw the money changers out of the temple, shouting, “My house shall be called a house of prayer” (Matt. 21: 13). He gifted the world with the greatest model prayer of all time (Matt 6: 9– 13) and later prayed the most powerful high priestly prayer of all time (John 17).

  2. Our soul was hand designed to be richly satisfied in deep places by the Word of God.

    When we go without the nourishment of truth, we will crave filling our spiritual hunger with temporary physical pleasures, thinking they will somehow treat the loneliness inside. These physical pleasures can’t fill us, but they can numb us. Numb souls are never growing souls. They wake up one day feeling so very distant from God and wondering how in the world they got there.

    Since Satan’s goal is to separate us from the Lord, this is exactly where he wants us to stay. But the minute we turn to His Word is the minute the gap between us and God is closed. He is always near. His Word is full and fully able to reach those deep places inside us desperate for truth.

    If you missed out on spending time in God’s Word today… or if you haven’t spent time in it for weeks, months, even years… it’s not too late. Open up His Word tonight and let Him breathe hope into your soul.