Thursday, April 18, 2013


At a very young age, my Lord planted a heart of sowing in me. The frightened little one on the right is me, little Barbie Sue.  My heavenly Father knew the plans He had for me.  These lyrics confirm His work, His purpose, His call for me to serve, using the gifts derived from specific sufferings.  Like Jesus, on my knees, stripped of pride, humbly I delight in the day that is coming...the day when I can wash the hands and faces of orphans in Chapala. After washing the feet of His befuddled disciples,  Jesus said  "Go and do likewise".  WHEN LIFE GETS BROKEN ~ by Sandi Patty is a prophecy of sorts.  LIFE on earth is filled with sunshine, cleansing rain, and thunderous weeping.  Praising God in the morning, at noon, in the evening, and while our opportunity to demonstrate our FAITH in the unseen, to prove ourselves worthy of His mercy as we TRUST HIM in all things, always. 
Hands reaching out with no one to hold.
You've been abandoned,
NO place to go.
Wounded and wanting,
such desperate times..
cold bitter tears are filling your eyes.
Get a glimpse of Jesus.
For He is right there with you.
He knows just what you need.
Cause when life gets broken
(and it most certainly will)
When you you're in despair,
He'll carry your burden.
When its too much to bear,
it's down in the vallye,
where He'll give you strength
and there is nothing you have lost that He can't replace!
He'll help you start all over again
When life gets broken 
You hoped that God would heal it...
But the storm raged anyway.
Now its hard to imagine 
how you'll make it through the days.
Weeks turn to years, times passing you by
BUT you're still holding on the how's and the why...
GET a glimpse of JESUS
For He is right there with you
He knows just what you need.
Healing waters heal our troubled souls
Jesus sweet Jesus cleanse and make us whole.

Jesus goes before us, He is ever with us,
as we sleep, as we stare in the unknown.
He is with us always,
never abandoned,
never left alone,
ever hoping we call out
Lord Jesus come,
wash over me with Thy peace.

When I am weary from work, the Holy Spirit ever within reminds me to rest in Him, to be renewed in mind by the reading of His promises. When our weeping's over, He will bid us welcome,  We shall come rejoicing, for the opportunity to sow into the lives of others, for the reaping of His constant grace and mercy, and for the JOY of bringing in the sheaves, the fruit of our labor. AMEN ~
Sowing = serving, encouraging, teaching by example. 
Reaping = collecting grace and mercy.
Sheaves = the fruit of labor.
Barbara Hoyle, a child of God

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