Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mexico Feet meet Bus

BUY shoes before travelling to Mexico. EXPAT exchange warns that to find shoes in smaller towns the right size for gringo feet, is almost impossible. Mexico makes shoes where the heel and sole are one piece. Walk in GOOD shoes all around and catch a clean bus in Lake Chapala. The main bus depot is just blocks from Casa De La Luz. Walkers do not see all that many official bus stops in Chapala, but NO WORRIES, just watch for an area as you walk along that would be large enough for a large bus to pull off out of traffic and stop for you. Stand perpendicular to the road facing the oncoming traffic. Extend you right arm straight and upward at a 45 degree angle palm up and looking straight at the bus. In all probability the driver will stop for you as he get's a percentage of the fares. Drivers have an incentive to stop anywhere it's safe to pick you up. Waving and jumping up and down unfortunately will NOT work. Have change to pay the fare and pull the cord or push the button to get off. WHAT about walking at night in Chapala? Article taken from EXPAT exchange. Sunsets on Lake Chapala are magnificient! But you will notice in the evening fewer and fewer people are on the street. At Lake Chapala, Mexico the ladies feel safe to walk, even alone after dark. Even though face to face personal crime is very rare in Chapala, a common sense warning and it is wise to make note IF families are not outdoors, it would be best to not be out alone. This is a picture of the historical landmark the old train station at the dead end of Estacion. It sits on Lake Chapala and is only three blocks from Casa De La Luz.

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