Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cross to Freedom

The following question is entirely relevant today. Who needs spiritual healing?  Nations of people. However, most Christians or people of faith will deny that they need any spiritual healing because they have attended church and studied God's word for years. They believe that their soul is " just fine" That all wounding, all jealousy, envy, hatred, rejection, neglect, bitterness, self-doubt and unbelief have been confessed and healed.  Jesus knows our hearts, minds, fears and individual soul needs better than we do.  He died on the cross so that we could enjoy freedom in Him. The truth is IF a person shares an emotionally painful memory from their past, then Dr Mathais would say that some degree of anger or bitterness is present and our spiritual health is not what the Lord would hope for us.  Wounds left unattended fester and spill out into our minds and we may deny it all we want, but when our tongue speaks intentional words to wound others, our spiritual wounds are making themselves known. Jan Hicks points out in her internationally effective book entitled 
"Crossing to Freedom" we are all wounded in some way.  You may have denied it for years, but if a wound is yet seeping, it will come to the surface in the form of jealousy, envy, or in feelings of inadequacy as we compare ourselves to others.  The soul is wounded by Satan, for he is the thief, he is God's advesary, he is the Liar, he is the voice that gives us ample reason to be mad, angry, judgemental, critical.  He is invisible, he is the temptor that is also known as the prince of the air. The one who lingers in the quiet of our thoughts to frustrate our peace as we feebly, in our own strength, keep silent when we feel tormented by raging thoughts to attack another with accusation and blame.  Within the text of John 8:44 - Jesus told the self-righteous Jews, that they were indeed descendants of Abraham, but by their stubborn
behavior, Jesus told them that in their spirit, their father was NOT God, but the devil.  These prideful Jews who studied scripture believed that they were RIGHT, they did not acknowledge Who Jesus was, because they insisted that they were scholars, and that they knew more than He. They argued with the living Word of God, with Jesus who knows the hearts and needs of all His sheep.  With their hearts set against the Truth, with an attittude of spiritual superiority, their spiritual eyes remained closed as Jesus told them "Before Abraham was, I am".  God used a doctor to make a clear declaration of the purpose of Jesus Christ.  There are five statements of purpose in Luke 4:17-21.  Those five reasons why Jesus came down from heaven to walk among a suffering people who were seeking a Savior are 1) To preach the good news to the poor in spirit.  2) To proclaim freedom to the prisoners, to the slaves of sin.  3) To recover the sight to the spiritually blind, to bring people out of denial and into the truth.  4) To release the oppressed, the downtrodden, 
to those who carried the burden of shame, guilt, bitterness, resentment.  5) To proclaim the year of the Lord's favor. First of all God wants those who are broken to hear the truth. Secondly God wants us to know that we can find healing for our wounds. Thirdly, God wants us to "see" the truth about the wounds that Satan instilled in our minds against our family, our neighbors and ourselves. In regard to the Liar, our enemy, what does the Word of Jesus say about the power of Christ in Luke 10:18-21?  "He replied, 'I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.  I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to
overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.  However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven. At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said 'I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.  Yes, Father for this was your good pleasure."  In ther words, our pride prevents us from admitting that we need the authority of Jesus to overcome the enemy and receive a healing of our wounds. The simple minded believer receives power and authority, not necessarily the wise and learned, to overcome, to be healed. If we are to heal, according to scripture, we are to heal in the name of Jesus.  If we teach that there is power to heal, we teach that this power comes from Jesus. God placed power in the name of
Jesus Christ for us to use as a weapon to use according to His will.  The name of Jesus Christ will bring healing to our lives, and He receives all the honor and glory for what He accomplishes through our obedience to pray in His name.  (Acts 2:38; Acts 3:6-7; Acts 4:10; Acts 9:27; Acts 10:47-48) All humans have a natural desire to resist change and to resist being told what to do.  We mask our pain with a fake smile and pretend that we are "just fine" because we feel that we
cannot show any weakness.  "He is strong, in our weakness"  A man that was wounded physically and spiritually cried out in Job 14:1-9 "For there is hope in a tree....if it is cut down, it will sprout again, and that its tender shoots will not cease."  The tree represents a man, and its tender shoots, its root, the seed of God planted within. That which is in us will not cease to seek outside itself, its own limited beliefs, its circumstances to tap into the living water, the Holy Spirit. "It will sprout again!" A man who has been cut down can be restored and bloom with much fruit.  "This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit." John 15:8 ~ As Christians we say that we trust God's will, His plan and His purpose for us. His word tells us that He came to set the captives free. God also says "We cannot heal a wound that we declare is not there." Is the joy of the Lord visible in your daily countenance?  Do you look downtrodden? Do you attempt to conceal the truth with a smile? Pray this prayer. In the name of Jesus Christ,
Oh Father God,  I give the Holy Spirit in me permission to reveal any area of woundedness that I am not aware of.  Open my eyes Lord that I may see and allow You to heal any hurts so that I may be pure in mind, body, and soul.  Restore my belief that I am already filled with the authority to trample on the enemy of my soul.  In Jesus name, AMEN ~ Repeat this blessing to your spirit. "To my spirit, I bless you with a profound reconciliation to God and His purpose, that my soul be totally healed. I bless my spirit with the full illumination of scripture.  I bless my spirit with the joy of speaking with God's authority and sending Satan back to hell. I bless my soul with the ability to see good in what man or beast meant for harm. I bless my spirit with the joy of personally experiencing God daily. I bless my spirit in the name of El Shaddai, my all sufficient Father that I be a reflection of His glorious light in dark places.  I bless my spirit with the truth of the divine nature of Yahweh and His immense love for all people. I highly recommend that you read the post below entitled "Who is Jan Hicks".  Her supernatural healing and transformation will give you hope in what He can accomplish through one healed soul. A great book entitled "Daily Spirit Blessings" by Sylvia Gunter is great for restoring the truth and displacing the lies of the one who seeks to destroy us..

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  1. People cannot associate with the grief Jesus endured. People generally refuse to recognize that sin is a fact of life, and we ALL fall short, even baptized Christians. The grief of Jesus bore cannot be compared to what we suffer here on earth. All the past, present, and future sins of all humanity crushed Jesus to the point of grieving blood in the garden of Gethsemane. Many good folks congratulate themselves for surviving life’s tragedies on their own. They forget that without Christ, we can do nothing. QUESTION: Do we grieve the Holy Spirit when He pricks our conscious with guilt, and we choose not to confess our sin, or love ALL, as we are loved? After losing a loved one, or after a home goes up in flames, or a job is lost, or a friend betrays our trust, we grieve “why me Lord!” There are Christians who claim they have surrendered all to God and that they have become new creatures in Christ, however, they choose not completely obey His word. Do Christians continually pray and “Praise God in all things”? Does their reasoning mind, at times, tell their belief system that God does not care and He does not listen to their laments? Do they confess that unbelief? Do they continue to go to church, without fully believing in the power of His prayers on their behalf? Do they ALWAYS fully trust that God is just in His ways? On their own, they simply attempt to control their anger, and their desire to do that which they know is truly sinful. They never admit that they hurt or struggle and they simply smile and continue to boast “Jesus is Lord”. They trust that they are covered by grace and that confessing sin is not really necessary, because they got the Holy Spirit, they got baptized, and they are good to go. They trust that they know God because they have memorized some scripture. Reading first John should shed some light on their off self-centered thinking, but without asking and trusting the Holy Spirit to reveal truth in scripture, they continue to justify their habit of thinking “I am not a sinner” The truth is: Christian or heathen, a rational mind filled with scholarly intelligence denies any need of a dependency on God. So the sin nature of man’s proud mind keeps them blind to the truth. Believing “Jesus is Lord” is not enough. We must also trust and obey His living and active Word. Having the mind of Christ is to surrender our thoughts, our knowledge to His way, His will, and His word. “If sin rules in me, God’s life in me will be killed; if God rules in me, sin in me will be killed. There is nothing more fundamental than that., and what was true in the history of God on earth will also be true in your history and in mine— that is, sin will kill the life of God in us. We must mentally bring ourselves to terms with this fact of sin. It is the only explanation why Jesus Christ came to earth.” Oswald Chambers