Friday, June 7, 2013


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  1. In our first six months of marriage we have been blessed to receive and achieve:
    1) Sold Subaru and Buick + bought Gracie
    2) Paid off all debts
    3) Landscaped backyard in Galt
    4) Enjoyed a grand wedding and honeymoon
    5) Travelled to Oregon and to Vancouver
    6) Travelled to Santa Cruz three times
    7) Travelled to Old Sacramento twice
    8) Travelled to visit Momma Mia twice in Santa
    9) Witness how Jesus provided for Jason
    10) Witness how Jesus cared for Shane and took him home quickly
    11) Mike got the "perfect" part-time at Home Depot
    12) Attend Quail, Life Song, BearCreek, an Episcopal chruch at Easter,a Baptist chuch in Sonoma on Christmas day 2012, and a non-denominational church HORIZON in Galt.
    13) Hosted a SuperBowl party in Galt
    14) Hosted a dinner party for Paula and Steve
    15) Kayak on mothers day with Jason and Sue
    16) Go fishing at Doyle Kings ranch
    17) Travel to Bear River lake Resort
    18) Paid for a trip to Loreto to vist Ben & Jill
    19) Rented boat at KOA for Fathers day with Jason
    20) Attorney drew up contract to Sell Wash rental
    21) Calif Attorney drew up Hoyle family trust
    22) Purchased new BBQ and drapes for Galt
    23) Paid off house in Chapala
    24) Volunteered at dude ranch in Hearald, Ca
    25) Hosted ALL STAR BASEBALL GAME BBQ in Galt
    26) Planned joint Birthday get-away to Davenport with a train ride thru the Santa Cruz Mountains
    27) Paid for new roof on Villa Santa Paula
    28) Celebrated Steve and Marla Hoyles wedding
    29) Made plans for Marge Hoyles 80th birthday