Friday, March 29, 2013

Dream Dare

Tis time to dream of what life will be, of how I shall respond to the sunrise once retired from the City. There is no adult explanation that can justify my delight in fanciful things during my quiet time with the unstoppable fantasia of my Lord! Like a loveable elf, frolicking on this Labor Day weekend, amused by every tiny thing, I marvel inside my artfully decorated creative space. With whimsical appreciation for an extended day to dream away, it was very interesting why Gracie's trot came to a stop. Me spirit squealed inside "park and ramble through this homespun yard sale" Obediently I waltzed among fellow Galtonians to peek and smile at tables laden with bric a brac. Recognizing with glee filled agreement, an old wooden tool box hidden under a cramped table said "take me"! It is the perfect home for a child-like fascination with all that is possible for those who dare to dream. My spirit gasped with graditude for such a bargain! A whimsical INDOOR fairy garden! Right after this fine acquisition, Gracie whisked me off to Stockton to find Jobi and a few giggling elves named Justus, Autumn and  Ethan!  Justus aptly added his touch by securing the magial garden door! Waking early this morning, responding to the spirit in me, I was led to a second hand store where I found Tigger! He was certainly all a bounce for the JOY of having me call upon his extraordinary vigor as a playmate in my secret garden.  Topaz, a red haired pixie sits atop a wee bridge in the midst of a lush moss forest.  With a wonder filled twinkle ~ her tiny
pointed ears magically wiggled to manifest a few new forest friends! Burnt orange blossoms line the edge of  the secret town of Fantasia and a delightful and entirely huggable~buddy~bear named Tickle claims the twig chair as his throne. A blonde pig tailed little girl named Barbie is all dressed in her cutoff levi's and flip flops ready for Topaz and Tickle to take her to the park to toss the frisbee. It is amazing what a bit of imagination mixed with HOPE for the future will bring! Our horizon is ever so bright and we have lots of friends old and new to play and have fun with! LIFE is GRAND as Barbie and Mikey plan to host a beach party to kick off the next season with grand reasons to rejoice at age 61 and 62! It has been a fabulous 2013 and with our Birthday duet taking place outside under the warm sun, we enjoy high expectations for all to come and enjoy the lake, and the culinary art of master chef and comedian, our beloved son Jason! With BBQ hot dogs, macaroni salad and cream filled cup cakes, tis a menu that should cause any mouth of nobility to absolutely drool!  We will play our favorite tunes nice and loud, do a little dance, play some horse shoes, frisbee, go fishing, and yuk it up
royally as we kayak!  Bring you kids, your dogs, and build a sand castle! Imagination is the largest nation in the world and it is never at war with FUN! In fact, like in the land of Narnia, with one winking eye you can see clearly that all the animals can understand all of what you are feeling and saying! Think like Tigger and rejoice just because it is a new glorious day! Jason Newell, Sue and David Green, Diana Cloos, Hennie & Jezreel, Flo Medina, Janice Hansen, Barbara Atkinson, Jobi and company Spano, Carol and Tom Kelly, Miss Jenny, Marge Hoyle, Shaun Hoyle, Steve and Marla Hoyle, Paula and Kevin Straw ....Each friend is a gift from God and we look forward to introducing the tall stand of Eucalyptus trees and the grass lined lake at Seco to all.
Come out and play and taste and see that LIFE is GOOD!

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