Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Meryl Streep Voices

Too many Meryl Favorites to mention, however, here are my top choices: Momma Mia, Out of Africa,Julie & Julia, Postcards, Plenty, House of Spirits, 2014 Into the Woods, Bridge of Madison County, French Leiutenants Woman, It's Complicated, Music of the Heart, Before & After, Hope Springs, The Iron Lady. Her acting is remarkable and her films engage and endure the soul. Yes I am a fan of moving pictures, of great messages that stir the heart. Listen and be AMAZED as Meryl voices her parts. Meryl is the supreme lady, and in "Plenty" when she has had enough empty talk, she retorts as boldly as she was scolded. She becomes more than the character, she voices the culture of each country superbly. Danish, French, Italian, Irish, German, the American country singer, the sister, mother, friend, wife, and Margaret Thatcher. Clips from Out of Africa with Robert Redford listening intently to Meryl telling her stories. It is wonderful to be enjoyed.

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