Thursday, August 28, 2014


“COUNT ON ME” by Bruno Mars
"IF you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the Sea, I’ll sail the world to find you. IF you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can’t see, I’ll be the Light to guide you. IF you’re tossin and you’re turnin and you just can’t fall asleep – I’ll sing a psalm beside you…and IF you ever forget how much you really mean to me, I’ll remind you. “You can count on Me, like 123, I’ll be there”…..
“SAY WHAT YOU NEED TO SAY” by John Mayers  "Even if hands are shaking, and faith is broken…even as your eyes are closing, DO it with a heart WIDE OPEN. Have NO FEAR for givin in….Have NO FEAR for givin over. You’d better know that in the end…it’s better to say too much, then NEVER say what you need to be sayin. Walkin like a one man army, fighting with the shadows in your head…living the same old moment…knowing you’d be better off instead…IF you could only say what you need to say, say what you need to say, say what you need to say."
“I'M YOURS” by Straight No Chaser
"Well You done, done me and You bet I felt it…I tried to chill but you’re too hot, I melted, I fell right through the cracks, and now I’m tryin to get back….before the cool run out, I’ll be doin my bestest and nothing goin to stop me but divine intervention! I reckon it’s again my turn to win some, or learn some. But I won’t hesitate no more, no more --- It cannot wait--- I’m yours, I’m yours, I’m yours…Lord Jesus! Hey, Hey best believe I’m yours, I’m yours. “NOW open up your mind and see like Me --- open up your plans and goodness, you’re FREE! Look into your heart and you’ll find love, love, love…Listen to the music of the moment…people dance and sing..We’re just ONE BIG FAMILY…and it’s our God-blessed right to be loved, loved, loved. So I won’t hesitate, no more, no more…it cannot wait I’m sure there’s no need to complicate…our time is short, this is my fate…”I’m yours, I’m yours….”

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