Sunday, June 26, 2016


Lighten up, turn up the music and enjoy Ken's
hilarious youtube below. Ken Davis is an honest riot. At age 55 he lamented that he did not have a six pack, but that his belly at this age looks more like Venetian blinds! Emphatically, Ken insisted that at age 55 people are no longer COOL or HOT! With humor Ken promotes being ALIVE in Christ at any age. Why not represent Jesus with JOY now because obtaining PERFECTION is NOT required. Kids in Africa live without toys, a roof, or food, and they are happy because they don't have TV demonstrating that life is best lived looking like this, or having that. It is a lie that we need anything more than Jesus.  Ken remembers and laughs that back in the day, fiery pastors lied as they spread the conspiracy that music, dancing, and fun was a sin! Ken, a celebrated Christian author of over 9 best selling books shared boldly that he was severely depressed, and spiritually dead.  Ken admitted that he had all the money, fame, fortune he could muster...but he still felt
hopeless and lifeless. His epiphany came when his 3 year old grand daughter Jayden prayed this prayer "God, don't let my grandpa be afraid anymore, let him see bunnies and rainbos...and don't let him forget Jesus." God used a three year old to wake Ken up. Lisa Harper, another fabulous Christian author said "God will use a donkey or a rock to speak on His behalf if you do not!" Christians do tend to take life too seriously, but we win souls by being winsome. Life is NOT a BUMMER!  Sheila Walsh, a famed and restored Christian woman after a suicide attempt told us that a mother sheep sometimes will snub a baby... and those unwanted babies are called "bummer" sheep. She then praises Jesus, our Shepherd for picking her up as a discarded bummer sheep, and holding her close to Him.  You see, a Shepherd brings the discarded sheep inside, warms them by a fire, bottle feeds them and holds them close to his chest so the bummer kid can hear a heartbeat. That is how Jesus loves those of us who feel unwanted, broken, or rejected. He picks us up and loves us back to LIFE then releases
us back into the world so we can tell of His great mercy. My son felt unwanted by his daughter and his heart was broken. But then, alas,  the Shepherd called Jason and he ran towards His Shepherd, because he recognized His voice. Our brokenness is intended to transform us. It is a gift to experience pain in this life.  Compare who you were before the tragic thing...and who you became as a result of your journey through those dark days?  Did you depend more on Jesus? Our dark days gives us a wide eyed, totally alert chance to trust God's warning that the enemy of our soul is out to execute our relationship with Him!  The terror of living in a jungle of fear, with a roaring lion seeking to destroy us, is where we recognize Who Jesus is, and the power of His spoken Word. He takes us from the pit and releases us from the cocoon, and we are given wings to fly. Were you a geek in high school?  Did the coach not pick you?  That's okay, Jesus chose YOU!  Jesus waits for you to choose Him.  Ask Jesus to come into your heart and make you whole. He will deposit the Holy Spirit in you, He will heal your wounds, He will give you a joy unspeakable! Psalm 118: We have been adopted by God, the Creator of all that is, the King of Kings and His authority has been given to us to cast out demons and live in victory!

Ken Davis - PERFECTION is NOT required!  LIVE FULLY - HAVE FUN!

Lisa Harper - Jesus hangs with the homeless, with the sick, with the lost, not the proud teachers. He risked being hated and hanged for us, because He came to lay down His life for us. He still battles for us, He loves us as we are. He longs for us to talk to Him, about anything. "Come...just come, to Me..I will give you abundant LIFE, now, and My eternal love" Stick your foot in the water, God will give you favor, He is trustworthy.  The great Love Story - Keep on Keeping on - "With one glance of your eye, you captured My heart" Jesus is the Bridegroom and He is in hot pursuit of us. Let us turn to Him and allow Him to sweep us off our feet and into His strong, protective, redeeming arms.

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