Friday, June 3, 2016

Grinding True Grit

“Prayer – The Grinding of the Grit.  He Himself has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." —Hebrews 13:5 - If I have not truly heard this assurance of God, then let me listen again. “I will never…forsake you.” Sometimes it is not the difficulty of life but the drudgery of it that makes me think God will forsake me. When there is no major difficulty to overcome, no vision from God, nothing wonderful or beautiful— just the everyday activities of life— do I hear God’s assurance even in these? We have the idea that God is going to do some exceptional thing— that He is preparing and equipping us for some extraordinary work in the future. But as we grow in His grace we find that God is glorifying Himself here and now, at this very moment. If we have God’s assurance behind us, the most amazing strength becomes ours, and we learn to sing, glorifying Him even in the ordinary days and ways of life. Father,  In 
the extraordinarily difficult times in our lives, we are desperate to know that You will never leave us, that we will not face immense challenges without Your presence, help, and strength. And it is in just these trying times that many of us say that we were most aware that You were there with us.  Sometimes, though, we have more difficulty connecting with You in the drudgery of life, in the ordinary times, when there is no vision, nothing terrible, but nothing wonderful either. Our fear is not that You will leave us, but more that You will not join us. That You will be generally present should a crisis arise but that You are not fully invested in the ordinary moments in the same way. That You are on reserve to mediate the terrible but not on hand ready to create the beautiful.  Perhaps this comes from our understanding of You as our Savior, our rescuer, our strong arm – which You are. But You are more than that, more than an ever-present help in time of trouble. You are an
ever-present creator in seemingly ordinary times. And You have just as much passion for that. Your strong arm to save is also a strong arm to grow and create and delight. To be passionately present in the mealy mundane.  In the grinding of the grit of this world.  For those of us in ordinary times, help us to know not only Your presence but Your activity – Your desire to enter in and build with us, to celebrate with us, to exercise Your creativity in conjunction with ours and be the great mediator of meaning, purpose and vision when there is no great crisis and no great cause. Remind us that these ordinary times are where some of Your greatest gifts are hidden and Your greatest work in and through us is done. To You be the glory, Amen.” Julie Powell Caldwell --Leaping for JOY and flying towards You during ordinary and extra-ordinary times, I thank You for restoring my mind with Thy peace.  AMEN

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