Friday, December 26, 2014

Smoking Hot

One year ago today, January 2, 2015 Mike and Barb arrived in Mexico. What a fantastic adventure it has been to move to a new culture, community, country and church!!! Today we celebrate our first year in Mexico with a BBQ in our lushly green patio. Mike was surprised and delighted by his 2014 Christmas gift. A stainless steel grill that is fed fuel from our gas supply tank on the roof! Our Char Broil TRU Infrared gas grill heats up to a smoking hot 700 degrees. Infared energy is comprised of those frequencies beyond visible light. Traditional grills heat with hot air which drys out meats. The Infared energy strikes the food and causes the
molecules to vibrate, and cook meats quickly. Infared is the technology that fine restaurants have used for years. As per directions, we seasoned our grill grates, like a cast iron skillet, this optimized our grills performance. Brushing the meat and grates with peanut oil, we sizzled up a couple of thick pork chops in just 6 minutes!! We enjoyed juicy delicious chops lightly topped with a brush of apple-cinnamon jam, served with garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, and a fresh avacadoe. 2015 will be especially tasty and wonder filled as we now have all our construction projects completed. In 2014 we installed a water purifier system, new wiring, a fireplace, a screened in patio, got the waterfall working, landscaped the front and back patio areas, painted interior and exterior, purchased a new car and established ourselves with a local doctor and dentist as Permanent Residents in Jalisco, Mexico.

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